Besiege (PC)
UI Artist - Spiderling Studios LTD

Besiege is a physics-based game developed by Spiderling Studios for Windows, OS X and Linux. Build outlandish medieval siege engines to pit against castles or armies. Select from a collection of mechanical parts that can be connected together to build a machine. Each level has a goal, such as "destroy the windmill" or "kill 100 soldiers". Although the goals are relatively simple, the wide variety of possible approaches allows for experimentation.

I had the pleasure to work with the Spiderling team as a UI Artist for Besiege. I was appointed to solve user interface problems, determine how users interact with the game interface and create an user’s visual experience with friendly interface design, making overwhelming situations simple for users and easy to use. Helped creating assets such as icons and fonts.

Medieval-Fantasy UI - Mobile game (iOS/Android)
UI Project - Sand Forge Studios

Meant to suit a medieval-fantasy themed mobile game while being fun and very user friendly. Everything is designed as vector. The interface tells the story of building a kingdom, protect your kingdom and attack other player's kingdoms to dominate and gain more resources. A Massively Multiplayer Online (MMO).

Battlefield V - A Re-design of Main Menu (PC/Consoles)
UI Design-Redesign

I made this redesign because the UI of Battlefield V looks like an ecommerce website for clothing. Also, there's no obvious separation of interactive elements (clickable vs non-clickable). A little-confusing minimalistic design having no business in a game.

I can't say i dislike the UI but i just don't digest the way this feels like a website and not an actual game. What happened?

In-game HUD - Racing Games (PC/Console)
UI Design-Redesign

Designing an all-in-one dashboard to display both map and speedometer in the same place. The desirable effect is to compress and simplify the HUD letting more of the gameplay to be visible.

Iron Blade (iOS/Android)
Game UI Redesign

For fun
Mobile games - Title Re-design

Forza Horizon 4 - Menu Re-design (no flat/long shadows)